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Virginia Rosenberger, BA

Ginny es coordinadora de investigación clínica en el Laboratorio de Modulación Cerebral. Se graduó del MIT en mayo de 2021 con una licenciatura en ciencias cognitivas y cerebrales y una licenciatura en escritura. Como estudiante, realizó una investigación en Cognición del Desarrollo en el Laboratorio de Cognición de la Primera Infancia del MIT.


Here are a few of my highlights since joining the Brain Modulation Lab!

​JUNE 2023

  • June 2023: Hezekiah joins the Brain Modulation Lab (BML) 

  • June 2023: Creates data strategy for lab and begins building technology stack 

  • June 2023: Launches Jira workspace for data management and project tracking 

  • June 2023: Begins management of data governance and documentation for NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

  • June 2023: Launches Data Needs survey to build a backlog of all lab data needs 

  • June 2023: Presents dashboarding vision with Tableau and Dash at BML Lab Meeting 

  • June 2023: Ongoing restoration of BML Turbo in collaboration with neurosurgical resident Dr. Nathan Sisterson 

JULY 2023

  • July 2023: Tasked with scrubbing into operating room (OR) to build ongoing expertise of surgical procedures and protocols

  • July 2023: Conducts discovery phase of functional neurosurgery data ecosystem 

  • July 2023: Early prototypes of Airflow clinical data pipelines and data streaming in Apache Flink 

  • July 2023: Creates PAS group and provisions access to Radiology Imaging and Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) 

  • July 2023: Start of pediatric epilepsy racial disparity project with neurosurgery 

  • July 2023: Develops latent variable modeling approach to clinical neurosurgical data 

  • July 2023: Attends the ROH Young Investigators Meeting at MIT


  • August 2023: Launches automated review process for faster access to lab data and computational resources 

  • August 2023: Tasked with clinical oversight of epilepsy intake and movement disorder cases 

  • August 2023: Enables high-performance computing (HPC) for lab with ERIS collaboration 

  • August 2023: Overseeing BML Turbo Taskforce dedicated to restoring outages on BML Turbo


  • September 2023: Adds new standard operating procedures (SOPs) for data management and introduction to HPC 

  • September 2023: Deploys new pipelines for cluster health tracking and identity access management (IAM)

  • September 2023: Presents review of CEBRA AI model at Kanwisher Lab meeting 

  • September 2023: Appointed as lead on pediatric epilepsy disparity project by Dr. Mark Richardson 


  • October 2023: Leads BML collaboration with DABI USC for publication of human intracranial data

  • October 2023: Configures private lab group on ERIS with data mapping and centralized storage for HPC

  • October 2023: Creates data pipeline from REDCap API to internal patient-specific databases 

  • October 2023: Hezekiah gives virtual talk with University College London (UCL) Medical students


  • November 2023: Validation of latent variable modeling with pediatric epilepsy cohort 

  • November 2023: Launches the Data Warehouse Taskforce for project management 

  • November 2023: Finalizes cost optimization and strategy for migration to AWS

  • November 2023: Implements new security protocols on all lab servers for data integrity


  • December 2023: Deploys new policies and pipelines for intracranial data sharing with MIT 

  • December 2023: Begins pilot of automated data backups and derivatives to AWS 

  • December 2023: Launch of quarterly project tracking with Qualtrics Reporting under direction of Dr. Mark Richardson 

  • December 2023: Completed rebuild of remote Linux server for development of MMVT 


  • January 2024: Creates InBRAIN Vision data repository for Kanwisher Lab on DABI containing human intracranial data

  • January 2024: Begins cognitive neuroscience training at MIT through funding from Kanwisher Lab 

  • January 2024: Start of intracranial category selectivity project with Kanwisher Lab 

  • January 2024: Renews Epic certification, completes MGB training in interventional neurology and statistical genomics 

  • January 2024: Attends the iEEG Data Blitz hosted by Mass General Neurosurgery


  • February 2024: Major milestone in transforming lab data into BIDS format 

  • February 2024: Begins design of MGH-MIT graduate intracranial seminar with MIT and HMS faculty 

  • February 2024: Coordinates regular uploads to MGH and MIT data sharing repos on DABI

  • February 2024: Populates private NoSQL databases for all patients enrolled in active research studies

MARCH 2024

  • March 2024: Conducts periodic code and documentation review with follow-up facilitated by Dr. Mark Richardson

  • March 2024: Expansion of pediatric epilepsy cohort for neurosurgical disparity project 

  • March 2024: Presents preliminary research findings from initial pediatric epilepsy cohort 

  • March 2024: Deploys real-time data pipelines of clinical patient data from Epic for dashboarding

  • March 2024: Presents functional prototypes of real-time clinical neurosurgical dashboards in Tableau

APRIL 2024

  • April 2024: Pilots new data pipelines for measuring post-op neurosurgical outcomes in DBS patients

  • April 2024: Leads migration of on-prem setup to AWS On Demand for scaling clinical infrastructure 

  • April 2024: Acquires Azure OpenAI Studio to integrate generative AI (e.g. ChatGPT) with precision medicine

  • April 2024: Brainstorming session for MGH-MIT graduate intracranial seminar course 

Future highlights will be posted below!

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