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Our study participants make invaluable contributions to neuroscience!

We continuously evaluate ethics in our research with an aim to create ways to engage and give back to patients who participate in our research studies. 

Patient Engagement Mission

  • Can the surgical experience be improved for patients through research participation?

  • Do patients engaged in research have a better understanding of their neurosurgical therapy?

  • Does understanding our research add value to the patient experience in other ways?

  • Can engaged patients help educate our communities about neuroscience? 

we are working to

Ethical commitments

Improve the Research Experience

We work with patients to understand their experiences participating in our research studies, and how we can improve them.

Support Informed Consent

We focus on providing comprehensive and accessible materials about our research studies to best support patients in deciding whether or not to participate.

Give Back to Our Participants

 In return for our participants' generosity, we are developing materials to communicate the significance of their research contribution to neuroscience.

Develop Partnerships with our Patients

We aim to expand our relationship with the patients that participate in our studies by engaging them as partners in intracranial neuroscience research.

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